We deliver solutions for public lighting

Frinab has supplied cable to the lighting industry since its inception in 1985

Tailor cables to public needs

Most cables / cabling we deliver are to customer specifications and are manufactured to order. Delivering lighting to the public environment often means requirements for halogen-free cables. Regardless of whether you want PVC or halogen-free cable, we deliver tailored lengths with free ends or mounted with connector / quick coupling such as WAGO, Wieland or Ensto. Both PVC and halogen-free cables can be ordered with textile.


Lots to choose from

So regardless of whether you want the cable to protrude or blend into your luminaire, there is a color that fits, we have over 50 colors to choose from. We deliver large and small series - regardless of volume, you are welcome to contact us with a quote request. We are happy to send you a textile color map completely free of charge.