Casambi Lighting Control


Casambi Lighting Control: Setting the Standard

Casambi is not just Europe's fastest growing lighting solution, the platform is also easy to use, flexible, scalable, feature-rich, reliable, and cost-effective. Installation and configuration are straightforward and require no specialist knowledge. The system is both reliable and compatible with many different types of lighting, and it can also be easily expanded as needs change. Casambi is wireless, giving you the freedom to easily change lighting planning and placement in the future. Use your favorite luminaires just as usual.


Features That Raise the Bar

Casambi offers a wide range of features to help you create the perfect lighting for your project. Whether you want automatic dimming based on the sun's position, manual dimming via wireless switches, or color temperature adjustment, Casambi has a solution for you.

You can use sensors or timers to control the lighting automatically, or create group control to manage multiple luminaires as a single unit. The possibilities are endless, and Casambi can be customized to meet any need.

Make your DALI control wireless

Forget about complicated programming and cable routing! With Casambi, you can easily control your DALI lighting wirelessly via an app.

The app takes care of everything:

  • You don't need any previous knowledge of DALI.
  • All communication with DALI is handled automatically.
  • You have great flexibility to make changes and additions, even after installation.

Flexibility for all projects

Casambi is perfect for all types of projects, from offices and schools to retirement homes. You can combine an unlimited number of networks and control thousands of luminaires in the same app.

Casambi is scalable, which means it can be used to control both a sophisticated lighting installation in a single room and to manage the lighting in large projects. Read more about our app features and learn how you can create lighting that follows the circadian rhythm, adapts to the sunrise and sunset, is controlled by timers, color dimming and scenarios - and much more.

Wireless security

Casambi is not just a lighting control app, but a platform for wireless security. With Casambi Ready-labeled products, you get a compatible ecosystem of devices that you can easily configure and control via the app.

Casambi is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, which offers several advantages:

  • Stability: The system is independent of Wi-Fi and is not affected by the performance of your router.
  • Security: Casambi does not require an internet connection for basic functions, which protects against online threats.
  • Reliability: Mesh technology means that each device amplifies the signal and spreads information. If a device fails, the rest of the system is not affected.

Casambi - for a smarter and safer lighting experience.