Our services


We customize cables upon request

Cable Processing

Frinab produce tailormade cables so that you as our customer receive it in the correct length and assembled as requested.

We have a large and modern production that ensures us to meet your demands. We stock all types of cables that are used in the modern lighting industry.

Textile Processing

We process cable with fabric. This makes the cable esthetic and easy to integrate with designed products. We offer a wide selection of colors and patterns.

We always have a wide range of basic colors. We complete with seasonal colors to always offer the right shades. Our product developers always scouts for trends to find the upcoming colors. You can also get a special color of your own choice, please contact us for price and MOQ.

Plug Manufacturing

Frinab produces cord sets with ceiling plug in Class I and Class II

Class L = 155 mm H03VVH2-F in stock
Class II, L = 140 mm H03VVH2-F in stock

Class II can be produced with any length of cable H03VV-F up to L3000mm
Class II, L = 1200 mm L = 1500 mm L = 2100 mm in stock

One of our oldest products are cable with ceiling plug. Over one million plugs are produced every year.